Saturday, February 7, 2009

Location, location, location!

This seems to be the toughest decision. I want my wedding to have a certain feel: light, airy, casual, fun. In order to get the right feel, I need the right place. And do I do it near Medway, my home town? The Cape, my fiance's home town? Or in between? Here are my possible choices so far:
Plimoth Plantation

Camp Kiwanee

Camp Wingate Kirkland, Yarmouth

Or just a tent somewhere. I left a msg with Capeairfield, a grass field with biplanes and such. Its so pretty and the sunsets are gorgeous. Considering Derek & I met on a plane, this would be awesome! Here's a painting of it:
My head is spinning from all the choices!!! I'm hoping find a place that allows outside catering (we know a caterer personally) and outside alcohol (Derek's rents own a liquor store). These are only a few of the many places I've considered.

I also feel like the date I choose will depend on the site.....Either early summer or late summer of 2010, I'm the moment! lol

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