Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So much done and still a yr & 1/2 to go!!!

What I've Accomplished

1) Picked out church:

2) Found Nearby Reception Hall:

3) All bridesmaids have their dresses:

Shrugs being made:
ivory silk short sleeve shrug

4) Found a woman to design my dress:
(just what the train will look like!)

5) Picked a Date:

Sept 12, 2010. It's a Sunday, which I hope won't be a problem for anyone. We didn't want it on Sat for obvious reasons, and the weekend before is labor day.

Now I just have to sign those contracts!!! I feel like planning has recently come to a standstill...maybe because I charged ahead so fast!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have SEVEN wonderful bridesmaid. 3 cousins, 2 future sister-in-laws, 1 high school friend, and 1 college friend. I know it's alot for an informal wedding, but there are even some more girls I wanted to be in it!!!

To me, the bridesmaid dresses are uber important because it really sets the stage for what the whole feel of the wedding will be. I found a pretty dress from Victoria secret that I love. I ordered 1 so I can check it out close up. I think it will look great on all of the girls, esp with daisy bouquets!! I hope I like it, then I can check 1 thing off the list!!!

Location, location, location!

This seems to be the toughest decision. I want my wedding to have a certain feel: light, airy, casual, fun. In order to get the right feel, I need the right place. And do I do it near Medway, my home town? The Cape, my fiance's home town? Or in between? Here are my possible choices so far:
Plimoth Plantation

Camp Kiwanee

Camp Wingate Kirkland, Yarmouth

Or just a tent somewhere. I left a msg with Capeairfield, a grass field with biplanes and such. Its so pretty and the sunsets are gorgeous. Considering Derek & I met on a plane, this would be awesome! Here's a painting of it:
My head is spinning from all the choices!!! I'm hoping find a place that allows outside catering (we know a caterer personally) and outside alcohol (Derek's rents own a liquor store). These are only a few of the many places I've considered.

I also feel like the date I choose will depend on the site.....Either early summer or late summer of 2010, I'm thinking....at the moment! lol

First Post! How Exciting!

SO I decided to start this blog because wedding planning has turned me into an overly obsessed girly girl. Ya thats right, it happened to me too. So instead of running every little idea by my friends and family & driving them BATTY, I will use this instead. Yay!